Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 4:36PM

Located in Central Oklahoma, SkyVision DVR LLC is licensed in the State of Oklahoma for Surveillance and Access Control. Video surveillance has been a key component of many organizations’ safety and security protocol for decades. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by providing real-time monitoring of a facility's environment, people, and assets and recording events for subsequent investigation, proof of compliance/audit purposes. 

As security risks increase, the need to visually monitor and record events in an organization's environment has become even more important. Moreover, the value of video surveillance has grown significantly with the introduction of motion, heat, and sound detection sensors as well as sophisticated video analytics. As a result, many industries have also found value in video monitoring and recording. In transportation, video surveillance systems monitor traffic congestion.
In retail, video can be helpful in identifying customer movement throughout a store, or serve to alert management when the number of checkout lines should be changed. Product and package shipment operations can use recorded video to help track and validate the movement of cargo and help to locate lost packages. Additionally, video surveillance can be integrated with and complement access control policies, providing video corroboration of access credential use.



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